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Electronic PDF versions
You could order either the paperback edition (if it exists) of any of our products or the electronic PDF version as follows.  Please be aware that most of the ENGLISH VERSIONS are in PDF version.

1 - PDF by DOWNLOAD The PDF electronic version contains the same images and text as the paperback edition (if it exists). Please be aware that most of the ENGLISH VERSIONS are in PDF version exclusively. You'll receive your KEY by e-mail and directions to download. To open PDF files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it for free by clicking here

2 - PDF on a CD.  If you wish, we'll burn a CD specially for you with the PDF files that you choose. You pay 6.00 Euro (aprox $5.80) for the disk, and postage for one item (all illustrated novels and FansadoX fit on one single CD). Please note that delivery cost (6.00 Euro + postage for 1 item) is the same for any number of novels and FansadoX. If you want to order in a CD-ROM please say so on the comments line of the check-out form or e-mail us.

Payment options
If you do not use credit card or the Shopping Cart does not work with your system, then:

We accept Eurochecks in EURO and INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS or Checks in US DOLLARS** or EURO. Please email

We accept direct wire transfers to our bank account, please e-mail for details.

**To calculate a price in US dollars
you could use this
Currency Converter
It converts Euro into US $
If you do not want to bother with conversions,
please use 1 Euro = 1.20 US$

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ORDER BY SECURE SERVER. The online ordering system is based on a SECURE SERVER CONNECTION. It is the safest way to place orders to the INTERNET today.  We accept VISA and MASTERCARD. Simply browse our site and Click the ADD TO SHOPPING CART buttons to place items in your Shopping Cart.
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JUNK and SPAM MAIL FILTERS. Please note that some JUNK and SPAM MAIL FILTERS may stop our email confirmations from reaching you. If this happens, please inform us by e-mail and we will send your order again. To receive it, you will have to erase your present filters or provide us with an alternative e-mail address by other providers.

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