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GLADweb00.jpg (57697 bytes)New in English!!!
by I Smith
de luxe edition

Illustrated by De Haro

In ENGLISH. Available electronically in PDF format. See bottom of page

Misfortune interrupted the Earth’s peaceful stroll around the sun causing a disaster of cosmological proportions. It happened on the twenty-fourth of June 2049, midsummer, at a time of magic for all the Earth’s cultures and religions, the shortest night, became the longest night that humanity would ever live. Some called it the Big Smash, others the Catastrophe, some the Apocalypse, the Cataclysm. But almost all ended up calling it the night of the fucking comet, even though it was a fucking asteroid.

Only one group of humans survived the disaster intact, a group who also continued to enjoy all the technological advances of the twenty-first century.  It was a Martian penal colony, generally known as Copernicus.  Here the most hardened criminals had been banished six years previously and condemned to hard labor in the worst penitentiary that human minds had ever conceived.  Their mission, almost finished by that time, was to build humanity’s first home off the Earth.  A true dream city under a huge protective dome, where the future colonists would live and exploit the infinite riches of Mars.

Now the power is in the hands of the outlaws... They shout is: Vengeance!

In Planet Earth, the desperate survivors, the rats and their ‘splitasses’ as the ex-convicts call them, suffer a new horror after the disaster that took everything:  The ‘Invader’ raids.  With the surviving helicopters that they repaired themselves, the ex-convicts destroy, murder, rob and hunt the most lovely females to train as their sex-slaves...

2050 SLAVE TRAINING ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro

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Whistling contentedly, he made his way down to the gloomy maintenance bays under the building.  There, the splendid blonde he had hunted on safari on Earth was waiting for him, She had been living a horrible nightmare, caged and submerged in a futuristic sewer for over a week now.

On the way, fleeting memories of her capture came back to him… Her little bare feet and her naked legs kicking at the sand while the dogs terrorized her.  Her body heaving under the nets.  Her begging, her screams both before and while he attacks her in the tent, her agony when, tied to a chair, her body was pierced… He had to admit that the girl excited him, she drove him crazy, much more than little Azucena.  Once trained she would make a fantastic sex-slave.  But unfortunately she already had an owner, none other than his boss, the owner of everything.

“How’s my ‘splitass’ today?” He asked after he turned on the light.

The girl looked at him blinded by the light.  At that moment the level in the pit was very high and her lovely, gorgeous face was pressed against the bars in the lid.  Killer smiled… He felt like a god, a vengeful Black God that was punishing a sinful white woman.  How the world had changed!  He remembered the nonsense they had taught him in church when he was little… ‘Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth…’ He had always felt that all that was just talk, that the whites would always be white and the blacks always black and that the poor would never have any luck.  But reality had overtaken the blindest optimism.  Here was a clear example.  His was a society of the dispossessed, of convicted criminals who could organise a hunt in which beautiful white women were the prey, the same untouchable females that belonged the status quo that had condemned them. Women who were sold as sex slaves to guys as execrable as him and they had to submit to them body and soul… Like the white bitch at his feet, stuck in a cesspool for a week and fated to suck the cock and lick the ass of a revolting nigger who was three times her age… Yes… It was a new order.  A new social structure in which his people were the winners and the whites the losers.

Just in case the miserable white bitch had any doubts about the new order, Killer trod on her knuckles were she was holding on to the bars.

Shelma tried to hide her hands but the cuffs were too tight….

“Have you learned your lesson?” He asked.

“Ohh… Yes… Yess!  She replied, beside herself with anxiety.

She would do or say anything at all to be released.

“Tell me… What are you?” Killer asked.

“A slave, a slave-girl ready to obey…”

“Sure,” nodded Killer calmly.  “But that’s not enough.”

What more could the pig want?

“I am a skivvy, anything… An object for use.” Said Shelma begging her god that he not leave her there a second longer.

“And who do you belong to?  Who is the master of your life?” asked Killer.

“Mad Satan is.  He is my Master and my Lord.  I belong to him…”

“A week in the dark with shit up to your neck has been good for you.” Said Killer ironically.

Shelma looked away, the level in the cesspool prevented her from lowering her gaze…

“And vile lowly slave like you, how does it serve it’s Master?” Killer asked.

“Obeying him… Blindly…”

“That’s not enough!”

“I am his slave… In every way…” Shelma swallowed, the level of the water had suddenly risen and a new stench filled the tiny compartment.

“I want more details!” Growled Killer.

“I will make him happy, I will love him… Everything…”

Killer chuckled evilly and it made her shiver.

“What the fuck would her want you to love him and want him?  All he wants from you is that you suck his cock and fuck him right…”

“Yes… Yes… I will do what he wants.  I will suck his cock, I will fuck him… Anything…”

“And you’ll swallow his spunk?”

“Yes… Ever… Everything…”

“And you’ll lick his ass?”

Shelma swallowed again.



Shelma held back her retches…


“And you’ll eat his shit?”

The girl started to cry, she had tried very hard to keep calm, to make it seem like nothing bothered her, that she was ready for anything… But the image of those fat infected buttocks being kissed and licked by little Azucena was more than she could stand…

“Well, will you eat his shit or not?”


“Say it!”

“I’ll ea… eat his Shit.”

“Say: I Shelma Binoux, a filthy white whore will eat the shit of my Master, the respectable black man I belong to, Mr Mad Satan…”

They were the hardest words she had ever spoken in her life.  It was her final surrender… She could sink no lower.

“Are you hungry?”

Shelma began to tremble…

“No.” She replied.

“It makes no difference.  I’ll tell you what you are going to do… You’re going to drink that filth that you are in.  Then you’ll really know what you are in for.  After all there is some of your master’s shit in there…

Shelma burst into tears.  What had she done to deserve this?

Her head was swimming, if she didn’t obey, the pig would leave and if she did she would die of horror.

“Please… I can’t…” She mumbled between sobs.

“Okay,” replied Killer, “I’ll give you another week to think about it…”


The girl’s screams followed Killer out of the bay.  She begged him to come back, she promised to obey, she promised she would swallow all the filth in the cesspool, that she would be obedient… But that please would he come back.


That night, after savoring Azucena’s tight ass, Killer went back for Shelma.  It was the first time that he had gone near and she had smiled.  Yes… Something was changing in the slave-girl…

“Are you going to obey?” He asked.

Shelma nodded.

“Yes… Master…”

It was also the first time she had called him that…

Humiliated, with her eyes full of tears, she sank her chin into the filthy stew and sipped at it…

Hopefully, she raised her eyes like a beaten dog, seeking a sign on Killer’s face.

“More…” Was the reply.

The girl swallowed, she coughed, she vomited, but she sank her chin again…

“That’s enough for now,” said Killer finally.  “I advise you, that in the extra week you are going to spend here, you get used to the taste…”

“But… You said…” The girl protested losing hope…

“Yes but you only obey in the moment.  You have a many things to learn and blind obedience is the first of them.”

With a slam of the door the overseer left the compartment and returned to his rooms.  There, Azucena the teenager caught in the ruins of Madrid, was waiting for him on her knees in the centre of the bed, bent at the waist with her face pressed to the mattress and holding her buttocks open with both hands…

As he had ordered her when he left.

They are sick, perverted psychopaths, and they have the power...

2050 SLAVE TRAINING ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro


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