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ncargo00.jpg (23736 bytes)By Victor Bruno. Illustrated by Badia. PDF format.

GOOD NEWS: DOFANTASY is proud to present the highly acclaimed 'JULIA SAGA' in a completely new edition FULLY AND EXPLICITLY ILLUSTRATED.

In ENGLISH. Available electronically in PDF format.
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JULIA SAGA is Victor Bruno's masterpiece on the sadistic humiliation of women.  It deals with slavegirl training and mistreatment, both mental and physical.

The story is set on a boat cruising the Pacific. A slave boat.

In this horrendous place, girls from all over the world are held captive against their will and trained to became sexual slaves of their owners, mostly spoiled middle-aged sadistic lechers who want revenge and know no better way to satisfy their criminal lust than enslaving the girl of their dreams!

This is the tale of Quentin Osman and his 22 year old slave-to-be Julia Grant. Julia is a stunning beauty who once crossed him and will now pay for it... for ever!

This book (Julia Enslaved) is the sequel to The Taming of Julia. Also in this collection.

Julia Chant, enslaved  and Julia in Captivity.

All characters are 18 years old or older.
This is an entirely fictional work based on
fantasy characters for adult entertainment.
It shows no real people or events.
The characters are shown participating in
CONSENSUAL role-play for their own personal
satisfaction, simulating activities which involve
sexual dominance and submission. 
No actual characters were harmed in the making
of this novel


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As Madame Vesta closed and locked the door behind them, Quentin saw that the cell contained two wooden bunk-beds, one on each side. The left hand one was empty but, on the right hand one, a lovely young woman was pushing herself up on to her knees. Once into that position, she splayed her thighs. She was shackled to the wall by means of a collar and chain and, in turn, her wrists were shackled to the iron collar.

"This is Melissa," stated Madame Vesta perfunctorily.

Quentin said nothing but, with his eyes, continued to devour this ravishing creature. She had a superbly curvaceous figure, very like that of his Julia, and her long thick hair was deep auburn in colour. She had green eyes, lightly flecked with brown and the eyes slanted in a slightly Oriental manner, giving the girl a somewhat cat-like appearance. The cheekbones were high, the nose long but delicately shaped, the mouth full and wide. She did not look at Quentin but simply straight ahead. He saw a little nervous tic flicker momentarily in one cheek. With exceptional pleasure he noted the gold waist chain.

"Melissa has now been here for some six months," continued Madame Vesta.

"I see," said Quentin. He found his heart was beating rather fast, his throat a little dry. If I want to, I can fuck this girl, he was saying to himself. And he did want to! Who wouldn’t?

The breasts, thrusting all the more on account of the raised arms, were truly magnificent. Large but not over-large ... firm, high and proud, light brown nipples, Quentin noted, too, the swell of Melissa’s flanks. I’d like to be able to see her bottom, he thought. Well, doubtless that wish would not be too long delayed.

"Until recently," Madame Vesta was saying, "Melissa was owned by a Swedish gentleman, named Lars Piltgard." Again Quentin saw that tic in the cheek. "Unfortunately Mr Piltgard was recently killed in a skiing accident. An avalanche. So that means that Melissa is now owned by me. For the time being anyway. Doubtless I shall be disposing of her. At a good price." Madame Vesta looked at Quentin. "Perhaps you would like to buy her, Mr Osman?"

Quentin was startled at the suggestion and found himself colouring a little. Yet, at the same time, he was incredibly excited by the possibility. What a marvellous idea! To totally possess this lovely creature!

"Yes ... well ... I’ll certainly consider the matter," he found himself saying in a rather high-pitched voice. His heart was pounding faster.

What a delicious looking mound this girl had! It seemed to swell prominently ... and provocatively ... the coral-pink sex lips neatly furled. Incredible to think that she had surely been repeatedly fucked by the likes of Jason and Otto.

"While Melissa’s Master was alive," said Madame Vesta, "she wore a silver chain. When he died, I changed it to gold. That was only a week ago."

"Really?" That meant, thought Quentin, that there could not yet have been too much ravishment by those brute Trainers. If I bought her, he reflected, I’d probably change her back to silver and keep her for myself. For the time being anyway.

Quentin saw a cane hanging from a hook in a post at the end of the bunk-bed and Madame Vesta caught the direction of his gaze.

"If a slave does not position herself as Melissa is doing when her cell is entered ... if, for example, she is asleep or exhausted, that will be laid across her backside. Soon brings her back to life. And into position."

"Yes ... yes ..." nodded Quentin. Actually, he was finding it a little difficult to imagine one so beautiful as this Melissa being treated in such a way. But, of course, she would be. Madame Vesta strolled across the cell to the other bunk-bed.

"Some are single cells," she said, "some are double, like this one." She picked the heavy iron collar. It clanked. "One day, your Julia’s neck could be in this," she said. "As cell-mate to Melissa ... who could act as her guide and comforter. An interesting thought, eh?"

"Yes, indeed it is," replied Quentin. He gazed at the collar and tried to imagine it around Julia’s slim white neck. It wasn’t only an interesting thought, it was a delightful one!

Madame Vesta, who had seated herself on the bunk-bed, stood up suddenly.

"Mr Osman," asked, "have you ever whipped a woman?"

What a stupid question, he thought. Whenever would he have been in a position to do such a thing? But Madame Vesta did not seem to think the question stupid; it was asked quite calmly. Needless to say, she lived in a different world. "No ..." he answered simply.

"Would you like to whip Melissa now?"


Price 16.99Euro


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