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Illustrated by Badia. 175 pages
This book has no background color.  It prints easier.

In ENGLISH. Available electronically in PDF format. See bottom of page

Arrested at gunpoint and sentenced to hard labor for life in a trial that barely lasted thirty seconds, Rosario Henke is taken to the Sore Penitentiary, a hellish prison in the heart of the jungle. As soon as she gets out of the police van she is separated from other prisoners and chained in a punishment cell, a damp hole infested with rats and lit day and night by a naked light bulb.

She will not be heard of again...

A heart-breaking story.

This is a brief summary of a bloodcurdling story, perhaps the most shocking story in the collection. Lucas is a master of suspense and his stories keep you on the edge of the chair with their dynamism, and a strong dose of sex and violence. Maybe that's why he is our readers' favourite author.

Woman's Prison will not disappoint his fans. On the contrary. It is his best work.

Our warning: This book may offend some readers.

WOMEN'S PRISON ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro

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The Viceroy consulted the Indian witch doctor about the meaning of the dream that was tormenting his soul. In it he saw himself naked and attacked by mosquitoes, leeches and snakes. He saw himself scratching the earth with his bare hands in the jungle while some obsessively sacred music beat his ears.

The witch doctor looked into the Viceroy’s eyes and he saw a tormented man, a violent despot with a malicious and cruel soul. Uneasily he explained the dream’s meaning, that what he most sought he would find under the ground that the jungle grew from. That he had to renounce everything and be reborn, thus purifying his spirit that had been brutalised by ambition and hatred.

But the viceroy only understood that there, in the jungle, he would find what he most desired … Gold!

His first order was to behead the witch doctor, nobody else should know of this revelation, and the second was to build the Mission in the jungle. He needed an army of men to get rid of the mud.

Since then, damnation has reigned over the evil place founded on crime and avarice.

Even today, the chimera of the Viceroy still lives on. They tell the legend of the Viceroy who found his fabulous mountain of gold. A mountain that he had buried under the mud just before the fever carried him away…


Five hundred years later and the place is even less hospitable if that is possible. The Mission is now a prison called the Sore in the middle of nowhere and jammed full of prisoners. A dreadful place where only the jungle and its creatures should live.

Two hundred wretches including men, women, jailers and jailed, live out their sentences there. Hardened criminals alongside terrorists and subversives opposed to the regime, all suffer under rigid discipline and at the whim of corrupt and murderous soldiers.

Officers and wardens are the filth of a society without law and order, subjugated by violence to the interests of the powerful drug trafficking cartels.

Nobody wants to go to the Sore; not even Governor Juarez is there because he likes it.

His orders are simple and they come directly from Dictator Tomoza: find the Viceroy’s gold and don’t let anyone out of the prison alive. In return for this, Juarez has the power of a god in the Sore. No one will ever question his acts.

This is the story of two hundred men and women who, in an inclement jungle and under the most rigid discipline, are still looking for the Viceroy’s gold.

WOMEN'S PRISON ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro


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