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GLADweb00.jpg (57697 bytes)New in English!!!
de luxe edition.
Illustrated by BADIA


In ENGLISH. Available electronically in PDF format. See bottom of page

All characters are 18 years old or older.
This is an entirely fictional work based on
fantasy characters for adult entertainment.
It shows no real people or events.
The characters are shown participating in
CONSENSUAL role-play for their own personal
satisfaction, simulating activities which involve
sexual dominance and submission. 
No actual characters were harmed in the making
of this novel

TWINS IN HELL ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro

The twins are still at home, not in the foreign university where everyone supposes them to be.  They are locked in a dark basement known only to their adoptive parents.

Minutes, hours, days and nights pass...  The twins are shut in two small cells, as identical as the girls themselves.  The cells are two narrow cages with scarcely room for the toilet and nowhere to stretch out and sleep. 

Their lives, until recently so happy and full of plans for the future, have suddenly become Hell on earth. 

Shut up in total darkness, they only see light when Señor or Señora Mendez go down to pay them a call.  And only then if the Señores decide to take the girls' hoods off! 

Hatred and lust flicker together in the twisted, criminal minds of the  Mendez, who have spent years planning every intimate detail of the training of their step-daughters...

This novel is a masterpiece by Lucas, arguably one of the most realistic and exciting authors in this style.  Set at the time of the Military Dictatorship, Twins in Hell is an extreme novel.

Lucas takes us into two different worlds: one is a dark, horrendous nightmare.  The other world, inhabited by the criminal adoptive parents, is a paradise for depraved criminals.

General Augusto Mendez and his wife find that their lives now revolve around the two adolescents, eighteen years old, locked up in the basement.  Two adolescents who for years have unconsciously fed the Mendez's perverted fantasies until they finally became reality...

Now the girls are all theirs, and nobody, anywhere, knows anything about it...

General Mendez and his wife spend the day planning what to do with the girls when they go down to them at night.  They imagine every detail of what they will do to the two delicious adolescent bodies waiting for them completely naked, cruelly chained, sadistically gagged and blindfolded by the hoods, waiting to be taken out of the cages to participate in the Mendez's most intimate and obscene fantasies...

The twins represented the most savage fantasies of the couple made into flesh.  They were a pure sadomasochistic delight.

Monica and Susana were standing, dressed as they had been at her birthday party last night.  The strong sleeping drug that Mrs Mendez had put in their coffee had knocked them before they could get to bed.

Just a few ‘details’ had been added to the provocative outfits the girls had chosen for their party: The hoods that covered their heads, the invisible gags that made their jaws a nightmare of pain, the massive dog collars that stopped them from lowering their heads and the handcuffs... 

The General looked at the scene for the umpteenth time.

On the right was Monica.

On the left was ‘his’ Susana.

What joy it was to see them!

On foot...  On tiptoes in their provocative high heels, the same ones they had chosen to ‘show off’ at their birthday party.  A thick mastiff’s collar bought in a city centre shop and a cord hooked over a beam in the roof combined to force them into that delicious posture.

Seated as he was, the General enjoyed seeing the tension in their calves, the strain in their naked thighs, their waists, and their fruitful young torsos.

These bitches were beautiful, exceptionally so.

More beautiful than any woman he had seen so close up.

They were tall and sleek, with small feet, fine ankles, and long shapely calves, exquisitely formed...  Smooth knees, long, strong buttery thighs...  Every inch of their bodies was provocative in itself.

And all this was what he could see!

The rest... 

The rest promised him paradise...  Their bums seemed to be strong, rounded and perky, perfect for spanking or the crop.  Their hips were to die for, smooth but overwhelmingly feminine...  Their waists definitely narrow, very narrow, incredibly narrow...!  Their bosoms...!  Oh!  Full, high, strong yet malleable, doughy and trembling...  The type that you can grab and never let go of.  Perfect for sticking your nails into, your teeth, perfect for slapping, for twisting and for pulling this way and that... 

And all this with their dresses on!

My god!  Finally he could ogle them without their accusing looks, without their reproachful adolescent eyes full of questions.  United eyes, severe, ready to humiliate him with their censure.

How was it his fault that he was a red blooded male and they were two cockteasing sluts?

He felt totally in the right...  What more was needed?  In the end he had brought them up, paid for everything, their home, their food, their schooling, their fun, their clothes...  Even the obscene little numbers that they were wearing he had paid for!

And they weren’t even his daughters!


He looked at Susana, at his one, at her breasts swelling under the fine silk dress that was stuck to her skin with sweat.  They were like two rotund monuments, rounded, full, superb.

They were his.

Both of them... 


And the best, the most exciting, what really got him going and filled him with sick lust, was that they were not strangers to him.  They were his stepdaughters, the ones he had desired madly all these years.  The pair of disrespectful and rebellious adolescents that had treated him so badly and had caused so much resentment to grow in his old fashioned and sexist ego.  The same ones that kept him awake at nights, making him turn over and over in the burning bed masturbating like an idiot as he imagined them sleeping naked in their first floor room, less than three meters from his hard cock.

Yes...  the time had arrived for his stepdaughters to quell the lusts that they had fed.

But not too quickly; for the moment he was going to uncover for the first time those bodies that had given him so much insomnia.

He would follow the plan he and his wife had made... 



Susana, shivering with cold, supposed the order was for her because of the cane that hit her bottom cheeks.  It didn’t hurt like the whip on the calves, but it was very humiliating.

She shook her head as best she could.  She was determined to resist.


Susana jumped again, but nothing hit her, Frantically she protected herself with her hands, but where?

The General licked his lips.  ‘His’ girl, shivering and with one knee slightly in front of the other was moving her hands from left to right, up and down, uselessly trying to protect herself.  She covered her breasts and left her thighs uncovered, or her ass to leave the rest of her at the mercy of the cane... 

A macabre dance to the rhythm of dread, it was very exciting to watch.

In spite of her delicate situation, the girl moved with and enviable natural grace that reminded him of those lascivious whores that appeared dancing in groups on the European television channels.

He decided that later he would make her really dance for him, naked of course.

“You will answer by moving your head when questioned,”  he said disguising his voice with the ‘snorer’.  “Understood?”

Susana nodded.  Something told her that the man always spoke to her.


She heard the terrible noise again, and once again nothing hit her.

“It’s your sister that is receiving the blows on her legs.  On her calves and on her thighs, and...  Do you know why?” 


Susana quickly shook her head... 

“Because you are not being obedient!  Because you still aren’t naked!!


Susana quickly raised her hands to the strap on the right shoulder of her dress and pulled it down her arm.  Next she did the same with the left, but the dress stayed where it was, stuck to her body.

“Fucking well break them.  And hurry up!”

They were imperious orders, shouted orders, orders to instil terror into the girl.

Susana tried to rip the material.  In spite of the fineness it was more difficult than it looked.  She managed it in the end by tearing the seam of the bust... 

“Now pull it down, I want to see how you are put together!”

The girl tried to swallow her saliva but the gag prevented it... 


“In the nude I said!”


That morning, General Augusto Mendez descended to the basement with a sumptuous breakfast on a tray.  It was Saturday and he and his wife had planned to go shopping, but first he would visit his Susie...  If she was still alive!

He opened the reinforced door into the darkness, the candle he had left by Susie had burned out.  Suddenly he saw a bright spark and heard a pathetic moan.

She was alive.

He switched on the light and went to her cage without even looking at Monica.

Susana was exactly as he had left her, except maybe for the fact that her thumbs were extremely swollen, there was blood under her feet and her breasts and nipples were swollen too and as red as tomatoes.

Susana had just passed the longest night of her life... 

The previous day after deflowering her, her stepfather had taken her off the wooden frame and had left her in her cell like this... 

Eight hours!  Eight interminable hours!

She was on her feet, with one leg on each side of the toilet and her arms over head held up by her elbows and her thumbs.

But she wasn’t hanging from a rope to the ceiling and nothing like that held her wrists.  Nothing forced her to adopt this exhausting position, just has nothing had forced her to remain on tiptoes.  It was she who stretched out her arms, she who prayed to God for a miracle to let reach further up even if only a fraction of an inch.

She had spent the night in vigil to the weak light of a candle, with her gaze fixed on an iron bar that wobbled, in front of her eyes, between two contacts! 

And the slightest relaxation of her arms or her legs, the smallest tremor, had dire consequences.

It was another of her stepfather’s sadistic designs: The iron bar was hanging from a thread that was attached to her thumbs.  If she lowered them or moved them at all, the metal made contact, closing a circuit to a truck battery and giving her a tremendous electric shock.  In her most sensitive and feminine parts...  In her nipples that were pinched in with toothed clamps, in her vagina that was penetrated by a metal cylinder and in her anus that was being violated by a long fat metal plug.

As a final detail, the General had nailed her big toes to the floor.  In reality there were two screws that squeezed without breaking the skin, but Susana’s jerks from the electric shocks had done the rest and now a little pool of dried blood lay under her feet,

“How was your night, pussycat?”  The General asked.

The girl raised her head very carefully, her eyes showed tremendous congestion and abysmal bitterness... 

“I see you haven’t woken up yet,”  said the General in the face of her silence.

Impassively, he bent down and picked up the bucket of water that was kept in each cell and threw it all over his stepdaughter.

There were violent sparks and deafening screams from the girl... 

The girl took five minutes to balance the iron bar.  Five long minutes that were full of pain.  Indescribable pain, in her nipples, anus and vagina.  Also in her toes, and in her exhausted thighs and calves and naturally in her shoulders and worn out arms, always held up to the ceiling.

Eight hours of misery!

The toughness of the human body was incredible, or at least that of a healthy young woman like Susana. 

The General impassively pulled a chair up to the bars and started to eat his breakfast.

“Do you remember why you spent the night like that?”  The General asked jovially.

Susana didn’t find it easy to join words.  Her head was spinning.

“Because...  Because...  I...  Didn’t cum in time, Sir...”  She babbled with her dry throat as she looked into her macabre interrogator’s eyes.

Any time the iron bar could make the contact!

“Correct!  And now...?  Now will you try to cum when you are supposed to?”  The General Augusto Mendez asked dipping his croissant into his coffee. 

“I will...  Try...  Sir...”

“You better had”  said Mendez while continuing quietly with his breakfast.

He wasn’t in a hurry.

When he finally finished, he stood up jovially... 

“Let’s’ find out!”  He said disconnecting the battery...

TWINS IN HELL ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro


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