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New in English!!!
by Gabriella Cianni
de luxe edition

166 pages
This book has no background color.  It prints easier.

In ENGLISH. Available electronically in PDF format. See bottom of page 

Inside an intergalactic spacecraft, crew and passengers are traveling through space in a state of hibernation. All except the two stowaways who are hiding in the cargo hold. Their profession is one of the oldest in the world. They are pirates.

The stowaways have not chosen this ship by chance. Among the valuable merchandise it carries are the finalists of the Miss Galaxy Competition.  The pirates have very precise plans for them ...

They take over the ship and reroute it to Barbaria, a small planet where they are planning to trade with their valuable booty of human flesh.  Barbaria is a cruel, heartless world without law or order, a feudal society with ancient customs giving the Lord the right to spend the first night with new brides, sexual slavery as an accepted practice, and the Law of Talion - "an eye for eye, a tooth for a tooth".

This is the Medieval world to which the characters of this brutal story are travelling...

Gabriella Cianni is the author of the famous "Slave in the Castle" and the incomparable "War Booty", both of which appear in this collection.


Price 19.99Euro


The Beginning

It’s five thousand years since humanity reached the stars and brought with it the evil that exists in the nature of the species.

Man has explored, colonised and exploited thousands of planets in the Galaxy and Barbaria was one of them even though it was by accident.

A millennium before the awful events that this chronicle relates, the space ship DISASTER exploded near the uninhabited planet.  Good fortune allowed some of the crew to survive and reach the surface of the planet.

The survivors became authentic outer space Robinson Crusoes with only the clothes they stood up in.  Without computers, ready made utensils or information cubes their descendants soon forgot the prodigies of technology.  In reality they had never known about them.

With the passage of the centuries, the little human enclave grew until it covered most of a continent and had developed an oligarchic society with a feudal structure.

The wide diversity of the ecosystem, deserts to the north and jungle to the south, encouraged the formation of cities to the north and smaller communities to the south.

For whatever cause, nobody ever knew, they split apart soon after arriving.  The blacks stayed in the desert, forming cities and seeking their fortunes in commerce.  The whites went south and started to live like peasants…


Barbaria, twenty years before the arrival of Andros V

The Galaxy is shining in the omnipresent sky full of stars and nebulae.

It’s night and the world is submerged in darkness.

A hurricane wind lifts the sands of the desert and hurls them against the walls of Sodom.

Nothing has changed in the last millennium.

From the Castle, eternal on its seat at the top of the hill, the city seems to be asleep.

Inside the walls, the glimmer of the fires evokes shadows of the past and ghosts from distant universes.

Outside, beyond the wall, there is nothing, only darkness and legend…  And the looted remains of WARRIOR II, the Federation ship that came to bring order to Barbaria.

The tortuous open streets between the miserable houses are deserted.  The Castle, at the top of the mount, is deserted too.

The wind whistles past the poorly adjusted hinges on the wooden doors.  It’s summer, but tonight it’s cold and the wind cuts through the skin.

Where are the inhabitants of the city?

Suddenly, mixed cries of rage and triumph echo in the night.  The mob is at large.

Outside the walls, where there is a meteorite crated that is believed to be the mouth of hell, Aguirre the Assassin is haranguing his subjects.

The ignorant and superstitious inhabitants of Sodom, cowed by the dictator’s powerful temple guards, are clamouring against the “Invaders”.

‘DEATH…!!  DEATH…!!  DEATH…!!!’

There, between the people and the hierarchy, bound like cattle for slaughter, the four hundred crew of WARRIOR II are trembling with terror.

Aguirre raises his arms, his armour shines in the deathly light of the Galaxy.

The trumpets sound and the drums pound.  They are playing for death.

The crowd is hushed.

Aguirre, tall, imposing with skin as black as coal, walks down from the podium followed by dozens of his henchmen armed with axes.  One-step behind him, Aguirre the Monster, his teenage son, and Nora the beautiful, his slightly older daughter, step forward with the haughty grandeur of monarchs. 

The committee stops in front of the Captain of WARRIOR II, first in the endless line of prisoners.

The drums beat on morbidly.

Aguirre the Assassin looks into the captive’s eyes and smiles.

‘Fucking son of a whore…’  he says lifting his hand with the thumb pointed downwards.

One of the henchmen lifts his axe and cuts through the Captain’s neck.  His head rolls on the floor leaving a trail of blood as it passes.

Aguirre moves forward a couple of more steps, to the second of the captives…

After each decapitation, the exalted crowd cries out its triumph and thirst for revenge.  These miserable wretches lost in the darkest hole of the Universe, work out their frustration by torturing and annihilating the powerful heirs of the old order.

Two worlds separated by thousands of years are in collision: the decrepit Federation, disorganised and ruined, yet in the power of a technology that it no longer understands.  And one of the many outlaw planets, an errant and forgotten world that the passage of time has turned into an agrarian backwater ruled by tyranny and survival of the fittest.

The executioners move on to the sound of the drums…  malicious smiles on their mouths.  Behind them they leave a pile of bodies and a river of blood that stains the floor of the crater.

It’s a horrific orgy of cruelty.

On foot, bound but still alive, the prisoners that Aguirre the Assassin has chosen to make slaves of tremble with horror.  They are the youngest and strongest and they will work in the fields under the blasting sun or in the mines until their last breaths.

And naturally, all the young, beautiful women are left standing…

In a magnanimous gesture to his subjects, the tyrant orders twenty prisoners to be separated and gives them to the crowd.

The scene is overwhelmingly cruel.

Centuries of superstition have converted visitors from space into a satanic plague of invaders that is the cause of all that ails the planet: war, illness, anything and everything….  To the oppressed eyes of Sodom’s ignorant inhabitants, WARRIOR’S crew are evil beings with unknown supernatural powers, capable of invoking the worst kind of disasters.

They are creatures from hell that must be exterminated.

The bodies are naked, slashed, beaten, and kicked…  In a few minutes the crowd lifts its bloodstained hands.  Nothing is left of their victims, just disfigured remains that are bloodily trodden into the ground.

A macabre spectacle.

Aguirre the Assassin stops in front of a new victim…

It’s a very young woman, little more than a girl.

She’s very beautiful with big blue eyes and blonde hair.  She is trembling in the face of what she believes to be her last moments.

There is nothing left of her space suit, just a mud-stained and ripped shirt covers the unfortunate’s body.  Her skin is pale and shows signs of mistreatment; she is naked and defenceless against Aguirre’s sadistic eyes.  She is on her knees, her arms are held half way up her back by the same cords that are cruelly pinching her young breasts.  An iron clamp is biting into and hanging from the pink aureole of her right nipple.

It hurts her terribly.

She can neither hide her tongue nor close her mouth; two sharpened canes trap and squeeze the base of her tongue.  She was born on the ship during the trip and she understands nothing of cruelty and violence.

She can’t understand anything of what’s going around her.

One of the goons throws a bucket of icy water over her.  The girl shivers and her teeth chatter.  Another puts a hook that reaches into her nose; he makes her stand up and twists her head back opening her mouth even more.

She is the living image of misery and defeat…

She is one of the daughters of the enemy…

Aguirre the Assassin rubs the trapped tongue with his fingers.

The girl looks into his eyes.

Aguirre smiles and licks his lips.  She’s white and a perfect specimen of racial purity.  She’s from Earth itself.

‘Do you like her?’  he asks his son.

The dictator’s scion, nicknamed the ‘Monster’ for obvious reasons, is over six feet tall and strangely disproportional.  He nods stupidly.  His eyes are shining with lust.  At fifteen he already has one slave-girl but he’s sick of her.  She’s a savage that was hunted down on the other side of the desert, in the southern jungles.  She’s a white female, she’s desirable and very provocative, but older than the prisoner is, and much less classy.  No contest…

Aguirre the Assassin strokes the girl’s fleshy lips.

Tears flow down her silky cheeks and wet his black fingers.

She’s lovely, extremely lovely, and she’s scared, extremely scared.

Aguirre the Assassin lowers his hand and strokes her neck on one side, he continues to her shoulder, uncovering it.  All the while smiling, he traps her left nipple, the one that isn’t clamped, between his fingers and he pinches it evilly.

The girl wriggles and moans, but the cruel hooks prevent her pulling away from the pain…

The henchman she has behind her, forces her to her knees again.  He holds the girl by the hair and by the nose, like a beast.  He controls her as if she was a puppet.

Aguirre smiles.  He always does when a white female suffers and is humiliated at his feet.

‘She’s yours, I give her to you, son…’  he says.

‘Thank you, father’  replies the “Monster” quickly, overcome with desire.

Father and son contemplate the wretch…  Two giants of the black race, well muscled with brutal appearances in front of a fragile and defenceless white girl, a blonde with big blue eyes who is bound on her knees, trembling at their feet and trapped cruelly by her nose.

‘What will you call her, son?’

The “Monster”, son of the “Assassin” didn’t hesitate…

‘“Bitch”, dad.’


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Price 19.99Euro


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