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Nov_Rehen_0.jpg (24531 bytes)By Victor Bruno. Illustrated by PAUL. PDF format.

First published as Bianca's Island - part 1 (English) and Isla de Esclavas (Spanish).

Dozens of slavegirls are kept in chains on a remote island for Miss Bianca's guests to enjoy... The story is told from different points of view: a guest, a male overseer, a female trainer and a couple of young slavegirls...

In ENGLISH. Available electronically in PDF format. See bottom of page


Price 16.99Euro

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This is a fresh-meat list...

BARBARA, 18, American. At secretarial college in Chicago. Features rather plain but a superb body. Shows signs of having a stubborn disposition.
MAISIE, 16, American. Abducted from her school in Delaware. A frisky girl very mature for her years. Possibly a virgin.
JENNIE, 21, American. Secretary to a company Chairman. Also his Mistress. The whole body is good but the breasts are superb.
LARA, 22, American. Made her living in computers, but, if she had used her arse, would have made a lot more. A really fantastic rear.
HANNAH, 16, American. A black servant-girl who, I am sure, with proper training, will turn into one of the most exciting sex-objects ever.
DEBBIE, 17, English. Abducted from boarding school. Very prim and proper and should give a lot of pleasure to many. Body still in the budding stage.
CAROLINE, 22, English. City worker, well connected. Haughty-arrogant. Big tits, big bottom. Suggest she has a black Trainer.
KIRSTEN, 18, Danish. A real beauty. Blonde, superb looks and figure. Will be very popular, I am sure.
MARTHA, 22, German. A hefty girl. She will be very much sought after by those who want quantity rather than quality.
GISELLE, 19, French. Superb aquiline features; a body which has not yet fully developed. Fiery in temperament.

And this is their use after training...

"Turn on the shower," I said. "Medium temperature. Get ready to soap me."

"Yes, Master." She went quickly into the adjoining bathroom. I followed at my leisure. She was waiting for me, tense, soap in hand.

"What is your name?" I asked.

"Vinny, Master."

"A strange name. What was it originally?"

"Lavinia, Master," she answered.

"Haahhh..." I said. "A bit too up-market for a slave, that." I saw a cheek twitch. I had touched her on a sore spot. I stepped under the shower. "Soap me," I ordered. She began on my chest. I fondled her breasts and she shuddered. "What is your full name?" I asked.

"Lavinia... Montesque," she answered. I kept on fondling her nice big boobs. "The Honourable Lavinia Montesque," she added... and a great sob choked her.
Well, well, I thought, here we have a piece of the English Aristocracy really brought down in the world. How nice to contemplate. The Honourable Lavinia Montesque, eh?

"Quite a change of lifestyle," I said, grinning. Another big sob shook her. She was soaping my belly. Soon she would be down to my cock. Nice. "How old are you Lavinia?"

"Twenty eighth, Master," she answered, taking hold of my cock and soaping it gently. My balls as well. Rather a humble task for one so high-born!

"What are you snivelling about, girl? You should feel honour to serve me!" All slave-girls are called girl, whatever their age. "Do you want a cane across your backside?"

"No...ahh no, Master... please... please..." She began to tremble more violently. She wiped the tear away and began to tremble even more. A woman definitely under stress. Not altogether surprising in view of her background. I wondered idly how Bianca managed to pick up such prizes.

"Have you been fucked today, Lavinia?" It was a question I always like to ask a slave-girl.

"Yes, Master."

"By whom?

"M-My Overseer, Master."

"Is he white or black, Lavinia?" I knew Bianca had whites, half-castes and blacks in the slave quarters.
"B-Black, Master," she answered. I grinned, then turned off the shower and stepped out.

"Dry me," I ordered. "Do you like a nice big black cock up you, Lavinia?" I asked.

Her face seemed to crumble momentarily. "No... ahh... no... Master..." she whimpered. Well, at least she was honest.

"Too bad," I said, "because I expect you get plenty. Are you fucked every day, Lavinia?" I was deliberately using the name she had been known by in another world.

"N-Nearly every day, Master..."

"But sometimes more than once?"

"Yes, Master." She finished drying me. Her mouth was quivering, tears trickling.

"What’s the most you’ve been fucked in a day, Lavinia?"

"I... ah... I think... tw-twelve times... mmmff... mmfff... M-Master." The memory did not appear to be very pleasant by the look on her face!

"Mmmm... quite a treat for an ex-Lady of the Manor." She sobbed openly at that. "I told you to stop snivelling, girl! Go into that bedroom and get your arse up."

"Pleee... eeease, Master... oooh... pleee... eeease..."

"Move!" She scuttled into the bedroom, bottom bouncing. I went to the cabinet where I knew the corrective instruments were kept and took out a cane. Turning, I saw a buxom bottom up high and quivering with dread. The Honourable Lavinia Montesque, I thought. Well, well. Not the kind of image she had once presented in The Tatler.

"Now you’re going to get something to snivel about," I said.

I gave her half a dozen good and hard and had her scrabbling and squirming all over the floor, crying out in pain. Her lack of experience was pretty obvious. A well trained, hardened slave-girl can take half a dozen like that and kept her hindquarters raised high in more or less the same position. But not Lavinia! When I had done, she knelt on the floor, hands over her face, sobbing.
I went to the House Phone.

"Send up a black Overseer," I ordered.

"Yes, Sir," replied a polite operator. The sobbing intensified. Lavinia knew what was coming now...

You'll be anxious to read the second part. I promise!


Price 16.99Euro


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