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New in English!!!
by Gabriella Cianni
Illustrated by SCOTT

HIGH RESOLUTION PDF deluxe edition
203 pages profusely and beautifully illustrated by SCOTT

A young family, all foreigners, are arrested one night.  The father, the mother and the twin daughters are all taken to Mosquito Marsh, the horrible prison settlement in the middle of the jungle, where they are separated.

As soon as he sees them, the Governor is struck by the mother’s beauty, and blackmails her into becoming his sexual slave.  If she does not, he will harm her husband and her daughters.

Just to make the point, the husband is handed over to a homosexual jailer.

The beautiful twin daughters do not escape the horror and the humiliation.  They are handed over to the Bermudez, a rich family, who now become their legal guardians.

This places them at the mercy of Mrs Bermudez, a sadistic lesbian who is more than pleased to tutor the girls.  But they are the mercy too of Mr Bermudez, afflicted as he is by uncontrollable sexual desire, and by his sons, who are the same age as the girls.

With a woman’s touch, Cianni gives us insights into the feelings of the main characters.  She shows us the mother’s repulsion and fury as she is obliged to prostitute herself to the blackmailer.  She shows us the father’s impotence as he sees his wife forced to degrade herself and finally abused in the adjacent cell.  And she shows us the hatred and repugnance the twins feel towards their captors, especially the Bermudez sons, as they are forced to party with them, stripped totally naked except for handcuffs and a pair of high-heeled sandals…

FAMILY NIGHTMARE is a tale of horror, of obscene blackmail, and abject sexual humiliation.  FAMILY NIGHTMARE is one of the finest works in this collection.

In ENGLISH. Available electronically in PDF format. See bottom of page

- ENGLISH VERSION in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro


The twins are forced to party stripped totally naked except
for handcuffs and a pair of high-heeled sandals…

"Run your hand down the whole length… slowly, with your hand open… like that… hmmmm… delicious… You’re… you’re a first class wanker, sister… yes… yes… all the way down… very good… now leave your hand there… and move the other one up… slowly… very slowly… stroking me with the palm… move your fingers… hmmm… yes… Trap the skin, pull the foreskin back… hmmm… Now open this lovely mouth of yours and breath over it..."

"Hi kids… don’t worry about me.  Finish what you’re doing. I’m so happy that you’re getting along."


Warden Dalton had just woken up and was looking at his bedroom slaves with a smile and an erection. They were mother and daughter, mother naked and daughter in a yellow dress. 

The mother had old red high-heeled sandals on her feet. The daughter was still barefoot. Both of them were on their knees. Both of them crying, with their cheeks pressed together, chained at their necks…

Corporal Gonzalez, alias Cuntsplitter knocked on the door.

‘Here you are, Sir’ he said offering the opened beer can to his boss.

The Warden held the can up… it was full to the brim. Full of prison guards' sperm.

‘These boys are all studs,’ he said with pride.

As hard as a rock, as he always was after a nap, the Warden got up off the bed.

He picked up the cattle prod from the chair…

‘You whore… Tell the little slut what this is.’

Mrs Pascal started to tremble.

‘It’s an electrode, Gabrielle… it gives an electric shock. It hurts… hurts a lot. They use it on cattle…’

‘And on disobedient or uncaring prisoners… HA… HA… HA…’  he added chuckling. ‘Your explanation is very precise, slut… very exact, I’d say…  But a picture paints a thousand words… HAVE A SPARK, WHORE


Margot jumped so hard the she threw her daughter to the floor. The bastard had shocked her in the back by surprise, at the base of her spine…

Gabrielle was shaking from head to foot. The Warden grabbed her by her hair and forced her back to her knees, dragging her mother with her…

‘You’re having jailer’s milk for dinner tonight… Aren’t you, little one?’

The girl nodded hysterically… She was terrified.

‘And you’re going to lick it off your mother’s tits, like when you were a baby,’ added the Warden dripping the contents of the can onto Margot’s nipple, drop by slow, sticky, drop…


Price 19.99Euro


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