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de luxe edition

Illustrated by Badia

This manuscript was a revelation, one of three original manuscripts by the young Japanese writer Towaco Takamura. In all of them of them we found all the rare qualities publishers dream of and we are proud to present in this collection: Seized, Training my Slavegirl and Using my Sex-slave, an erotic dream narrated with elegance and tact, but which is at the same time uncompromising and pulls no punches. The story of a siege, and heart-gripping captivity. You will not be disappointed!

All characters are 18 years old or older.
This is an entirely fictional work based on
fictional characters for adult entertainment.
It shows no real people or events.
The characters are described participating in
CONSENSUAL role-play for their own personal
satisfaction, simulating activities which involve
sexual dominance and submission. 
No actual characters were harmed in the making
of this novel.

USING MY SLAVE ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro

"This is the story of a strange, aberrant, relationship that changes the lives of a criminal and his victim. The darkness the oppressive solitude, and fear – fear of the man and fear of being unable to withstand so much indignity - hang over Marianne, imprisoned in a gloomy basement in a London slum. Robert is an immature psychopath whose mind is clouded by fear of facing his own victim and by panic at the thought of being discovered. This causes Robert to take it out on his prisoner.

Two characters with nothing in common face each other in a life-or-death struggle a few metres below the streets of London. The man is an obscure office worker who has decided to take control of his own life. The woman is an independent business-like young woman who already controls her own destiny and has no qualms about exploiting her physical beauty to manipulate and even ill-treat those who cross her path.

These are the threads that Towako Takamura, the up-and-coming young Japanese writer, weaves into a tale of unusual brilliance and great originality, a tale that is realistic and uncompromising, marked by the dramatic detailed realism that the harsh situation requires. A disturbing work that combines drama, action and eroticism."

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n spite of how scared she was of them and the repugnance they inspired in her, Marianne had spent several hours catching cockroaches with her bare hands and putting them in a jar.

Her target was thirty-six: three dozen. And every one short meant an extra week imprisoned in the cellar as my sex-toy.  This was the deal...

When I went down to the cellar the slave was still chasing them, inside her cage of course, naked and with her ankle and her neck chained.

‘Give me the jar, slave…’ I ordered her from the other side of the bars.

It was difficult to count them because they wouldn’t keep still:  I had told her to catch them alive…

Marianne looked me with fear and nervously rubbed her hands together.

I shook my head slowly.

‘Tsk … Tsk … There’s never three dozen here. That’s obvious…’

‘They … escape … through … the … bars … Master…’

She continued to rub her hands together as if she was trying to forget the feel of the disgusting insects.

‘Put these on’ I said offering her a pair of my favourite shoes.

I love to watch her putting shoes on.

‘Walk up and down a little for your Master … You know, gracefully, sexily, like you learned on the beam. Do you remember?’

It was a show! She’s a bloody cockteaser. I’ll punish her for it.

‘Come close to the bars.’

She moved closer, as red as a tomato. How can she be embarrassed to parade naked in front of her Owner?

She would pay for that too.

‘Turn around’ I ordered.

I cuffed her wrists behind her back and twisted her arms until I could link them to the collar. It’s always amazed me that that can be done, but Marianne is very supple.

I pulled on the chain on her neck and moved her closer to the post in the middle of the cage. Once she was well secured, I opened the gate and went in with a chair.

First of all I bound her elbows one to the other. Her back and her shoulders cracked…

It’s one of my favourite positions for a slave’s arms; it outlines her most valuable assets in a way that is peerless. The SS call it the ‘reverse prayer’ position … in which the young and naked female prisoner ends up with her forearms in a pious position of praying … But up her back!

Marianne was afraid, very afraid.

‘Open your legs…’

She obeyed trembling with fear. I showed her the two huge vibrators.

‘Lick them…’

She did so. I almost lost control of myself and fucked her there and then.

I put them in her, one in her arse and the other in her cunt. Just as it should be. A slave sits down to eat with both of her holes full, That way she can’t go in the middle of the meal.

Marianne whimpered movingly … Especially when I put the one up her arse.

I tied a chain around her waist and another between her legs to keep the vibrators in place.

I looked her over…

She still wasn’t ready.

I crouched down and tied her ankles together, crossed and one in front of the other. It made it very difficult for her to keep her balance.

I moved the chair closer and went for the ruler.

Marianne burst into tears. It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

‘On your knees slave! A slave always eats on her knees.’

‘Please … Master … It … Hurts…’

I slapped her. The idiot ever answers back. Ever!

Unable to support herself, she knelt down heavily onto the ruler.


I tied her hair back, in an improvised pony tail. I wanted to see her face as she ate.

I sat myself down comfortably in front of her with the jar in my hand; I took out the first cockroach. I showed it to her…

‘Open your mouth, slave…’

‘No … Master … I can’t … No … please…’

I slapped her a couple of more times and then asked her again…


I got up and went to get the mousetraps…

Marianne tried to get up. It was impossible with her ankles crossed.

I beckoned her with my finger.

‘Bring those tits here, slave, or you’ll get three months extra…’

She obeyed with tears in her eyes.

I grabbed them with both hands. I adore her tits! They are taut, malleable, full, bouncy and elastic … They are a joy to bite and beat!

I pinched her nipples and kissed her mouth.

‘You are a very stupid slave-girl. I don’t know what to do with you to make you understand…’

Marianne tried to say something, but her sobs stifled the words.





She reacted even more wildly than the first time I had put them on her. I don’t understand it but it seems she isn’t getting used to it.

‘Now slave … Are you going to eat?’

Marianne nodded desperately … She was lovely with her knees stuck on the ruler, her ankles crossed, her breasts pushed out and bitten by the mousetraps and her beautiful, splendid face contorted by the pain …

I pushed the cockroach toward her…

She opened her mouth…

I put it in…

The insect escaped down her chin…

‘You've just won an extra day as my sex-toy, slave … Try not to let the next one get away.

It didn’t escape. Marianne closed her mouth with her eyes wide open. The cockroach was obviously trying to escape from wherever it was…

Marianne closed her eyes and swallowed…

I gave her a massive slap. Luckily, the chain around her neck prevented her from falling over.

‘Is that how you savour the food your Owner gives you? I want you to much it, to chew carefully and enjoy … Do you understand?’

She needed another hard slap before she nodded.

I showed her the second cockroach. It was very fat, two or three inches of disgusting insect. I was holding it by its abdomen and its legs and antennae were twitching desperately…

‘Open your little mouth and chew until I tell you to swallow … And don’t take your eyes off mine.’

Slowly, as is in a trance and with her eyes drenched with tears Marianne obeyed.

I waited a good couple of minutes before giving the next order … Two minutes that I suppose seemed endless to her. What does a raw cockroach taste like?

I don’t know and I don’t care. I have no intention of ever trying one…


You should have seen her…

What fun owning a slave is!

There were exactly twenty-two, without counting the one that got away at the start. Thirty-six less twenty-two is fourteen…

‘Fourteen more days with your Master … Great isn’t it?’

From that day Marianne regularly hunted and dined on cockroaches.

USING MY SLAVE ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro


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