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New in English!!!
by Janet Jones
de luxe edition
Illustrated by TIM. Cover: TIM.

This book has no background color.  It prints easier.

A tale of white slavery.  Scaring, yet terribly exciting...

Written  by Janet Jones and illustrated by TIM, this is BDSM at its best. No doubt about it.

Do not miss this wonderful novel...

In ENGLISH. Available electronically in PDF format. See bottom of page

CHAIN GANG ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro

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Ronnie's heart pounded. He'd almost forgotten. Forgotten the purpose of his night-time trip, forgotten why he was waiting here in the dark for Chuck. But the moaning, which was getting louder, reminded him.

Ronnie picked up the big flashlight on the seat next to him, shuffled his shoulders round and snapped the beam on.

Lying on the back seat, ankles bound, arms tightly knotted, mouth stuffed with her own scarf, eyes hugely dilated, lay the reason for his jaunt, his night-time expedition.

His first order from Chuck.

The blonde looked scared.

In fact, she looked terrified. Her hair was all over the place, and her eyes were hollow. Mascara and eyeliner smeared her face.

The sight of his quivering passenger buoyed Ronnie. His adrenaline was pumping again, but this time it was not fear. This time it was lust. If Chuck did not get here soon that honey, trussed and tied and immobile on the back seat of the Jeep, would feel his cock shoved right up her fanny.

But at that moment the lights of Chuck's van appeared through the trees. Ronnie snapped off the flashlight, stubbed his cigarette out and eased his pulsing prick back down between his thighs.

The girl lay alone in the dark, unaware where she was, or why. Unaware of the plans Chuck and Ronnie had in store for her. Unaware that she was the latest recruit for Chuck and his chain gang. Unaware that Ronnie, who had grabbed, and tied and terrified her was a pussycat compared to Chuck.

The deep purple van pulled up close to Ronnie's Jeep. The driver wound down the window. A pair of eyes, that even on this moonless night Ronnie knew were blue and cold as ice, stared at him from a round face deep-grooved, thin-lipped, stubble-chinned and with a scalp that had not a single hair to blemish the shining skin.

Both men got out of their vehicles. Ronnie flicked on the flashlight, pointing the beam at the ground. No way did either of them want to attract any attention. Chuck raised one eyebrow. Nervous, Ronnie cleared his throat and nodded his head without speaking. His chest felt tight with excitement and he knew if he opened his mouth a shout of exultant laughter would burst forth. So, still not daring to utter a word, he opened the rear door of the jeep and shone the torch onto the pale, silent figure writhing helplessly, skirt torn, tights in tatters, shoes hanging from her bound feet.

Chuck, his bulky body made bulkier still by the plaid overcoat, eased forward to take a better look. The girl’s own topcoat was bunched beneath her and with her arms secured tightly behind her back, that was where it had to stay. Chuck placed one hand on the warm vibrant skin of her thighs. His stubby fingers plucked at a hole in her tattered tights and tore them down her legs. The luminous flesh of bare thigh glimmered in the torch light. Pulling the girl towards him, he dragged her reluctant face closer. She stared back at him from eyes huge with terror. Her breathing was rapid. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

Ronnie watched mesmerized, all the time biting his lip. Chuck's next move was to tug at the flimsy material of the girl’s blouse.

CHAIN GANG ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro


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