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GLADweb00.jpg (57697 bytes)New in English!!!
de luxe edition.

Illustrated by BADIA.
25 Stunning ORIGINALS

This is the original Story! One of the sickest ever told: Enforced Sex, Extreme Violence, Medieval Terror...

This is the second book translated into English of the long-acclaimed DOFANTASY Collection of Spanish SM-GORE Illustrated Novels.  A completely different concept in SM literature!

In ENGLISH. Available electronically in PDF format. See bottom of page

SLAVE CASTLE  ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro

25 Drawings!!!

The Middle Ages! a time when a Knight left on a Crusade for years, leaving behind him his feudal estates, his serfs, his house and his family...

In his absence there were often usurpers waiting like hungry hyenas to take everything. The most delicate morsel to fall into the hyenas' hungry mouths was often the Crusader's wife herself...

This is the spine-chilling story of two women, innocent victims of an evil age.

Birgit, the Princess from the North, faces cruel blackmail. The love of her life, her childhood sweetheart, is cruelly mistreated before her eyes every time she fails to please the sadistic, bloodthirsty monster who holds her prisoner...

Claudia, the adolescent heiress to her father's title and estates, also falls victim to the same malicious plot. The world she knows falls apart when her father's estate is taken from him. She manages to escape and flees to the woods. There she is hunted down like a wild animal by wandering slave dealers. Claudia's existence becomes Hell on earth as her body is used without scruple by the sadistic dealers. She becomes a mere object of pleasure. Shut up in the grim, damp dungeons below the Convent, guarded by brutal jailers, bound hand and foot with heavy shackles, she is forced to submit to the whims and strange fantasies of her visitors - men and women. Some are old acquaintances who do not want to miss the opportunity of incorporating Claudia's body into their most preverse and secret fantasies... Or perhaps they are considering buying her. Why not?

Gabriella Cianni brings her intimate knowledge of the Middle Ages, and her much-acclaimed mastery of the GORE style, to this tale. Slave in the Castle is steeped in eroticism and violence, often together... It is set in a cruel age when human life counted for little, and a woman was no more than a beast to be bought and sold in the market-place...

Excellent historical settings...
Credible, down to Earth characters...
And a situation that is not fiction so much as genuine historical drama...

Hard times had come to Europe. Famine and the plague had decimated the population. The nobles exercised their power with unbridled despotic tyranny. The clergy plotted and the Pope announced the Seventh Seal, the Final Apocalypse…

It seemed to many that the world was indeed coming to an end. The winters were getting harder and harder, the harvests more meagre and the wars bloodier... The famished survivors fell victims to the plague or to the bandits that infested the highways. No one was safe. Those who had no money to steal were attacked and eaten by starving bandits.


"Come over here!" Bardo ordered.

The girl hesitated, and then walked over. She dragged the heavy ankle chain and walked across to within a yard of him. With one hand on the top and bottom of her tunic, she tried to cover as much as she could of her young body. She flashed a look of hatred at Bardo.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked. "It wasn’t me who put you in this hole. It was your husband."

She clenched her fists and glared at him.

"I am only carrying out his orders," he went on. "Would you like me to tell you exactly what they were?" She said nothing. He carried on. "He told me to shut you up in a dungeon until he came back. Do you have any idea what that means? Years probably. Or he might not come back. Ever!"

The beautiful young blonde shuddered. She had only been one week buried alive in that hole and she knew she would not stand much more. She would go crazy.

"He also said something else, not very explicit and I didn’t understand him then," Bardo said, slyly, "he said something like ‘Don’t let her beauty fade’."

He paused and ran his eye down the girl’s body. He saw that she was afraid. Her tunic was wet with sweat. She looked tremendously sensual, with her ankles chained together, one leg slightly raised, her lips half open, her eyes red with tears or anger and her breasts rising and falling as she breathed quickly, from panic or fury…

"I was intrigued by this and I consulted a soothsayer. Do you know what she said? She said ‘The only way to keep a woman young, fresh and beautiful is to fuck her every day’."

Birgit stepped back, hatred in her eyes.

"I am sure she’s right," he went on, "but there’s a problem in your case. Your husband is not here and your lover is in no state to fuck anybody! So I have no choice! I have to look after your beauty myself!"


Fracassa didn’t bother to do his trousers up. He walked out into the pen with his erection bouncing absurdly in front of him. He stood there for a few seconds to give his eyes a chance to adjust to the dim light.

The cage was a few feet away. It held half a dozen beautiful women bought from the pillagers. There were desperate men all over the countryside, many of them deserters, going from village to village, searching in the half-destroyed buildings for young women to hunt and sell. They used burnt-earth tactics, setting fire to possible hiding places. When people came out they killed everyone except the females that interested them. When their lust was satisfied, they set off to find Fracassa and strike a deal with him.

Fracassa peered through the bars. The terrified girls covered up as best they could, huddled together in a group. Some were completely naked, others managed to cover up their breasts or pubic hair with the torn remains of their clothes. The dealer lifted Claudia’s chin with his stick. She shrank into a corner with her knees drawn up over her large breasts. She was still naked and tied up.

He looked at her, her red hair, green eyes, and sensed her rebellious spirit. It all turned him on.

"Get her out. And the one with brown hair", he said to Guido, his voice hoarse with lust.

He did not need to repeat the order. The servant opened the door and seized the two unhappy girls by the hair and pulled them out.

"Lay them on the ground. We’re going to have a bit of fun with them!"

The two girls kicked and thrashed around, shouting, protesting, threatening, begging, but all in vain.

SLAVE CASTLE  ENGLISH VERSION Only in electronic PDF format

Price 19.99Euro


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